Thian Fah Foundation

Thian Fah Foundation was established by Chinese immigrants in 1902 to offer free medical treatment to less fortunate people. The Shrine to Guan Yim inside the building is revered as a goddess of mercy. It is one the must-visit destinations to worship and offer donations. Lighting, mood, and emotion create an impressive atmosphere that can be seen and appreciated from Yaowarat street, the main street in Chinatown. The Chinese architecture possess detail and history that come alive through lighting effect and color.

The project owners were having a problem controlling the lighting, and were experiencing excessive energy consumption. They consulted BioArchitek, and our team was able to select the appropriate lighting equipment and control to resolve this issue. Building operators can now adjust the lighting with attention to details easily, and maintain the desired mood a the site.

Location: China Town, Bangkok, Thailand
Year Completed:2011
Service: Lighting Design and Retrofit
Area: 1,200 sqm