Father Ray Vocational School

Father Ray Vocational School is located in Nong Kai Province, in northeastern Thailand. The owner the project is the Father Ray Foundation – a non-profit charity organization. The challenge faced by the Father Ray project was to create a space that was flexible and empowering for the disabled. Our responsibility was to create a space that would resonate with the local community, maintain sustainable building practices, and plan for future growth on a reasonable budget.

We accomplished these goals with several strategies including a universal design approach, and a workshop for the disabled. Construction was broken up into several stages to plan for growth, while the site retains many natural features such as trees, a pond and open space creating multi-use areas. Other key ingredients to optimize sustainability include rainwater harvesting, solar power, natural ventilation, and energy efficient lighting with daylight and occupancy sensors.

Location: Nong Kai, Thailand
Year Completed: 2012
Service: Master Plan, Architecture, and lighting Design
Area: N/A