FIFA Futsal World Cup Stadium

In 2012, the FIFA Futsal World Cup will be held in Bangkok, Thailand where a new stadium will be built to hold up to 12,000 spectators. The project is owned by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), which hired BioArchitek for the design and Master Plan of the facility.

The design philosophy is to create a culturally inspired stadium where patrons are enlivened by their experience visiting the facility, not only the futsal matches.The Dokjok flower, which is common in the surrounding area, is reduced to a geometric pattern that will be illustrated in the ceiling, lighting design, and facade as well as transcribed onto stadium seating and handrails. On the roof, the photovoltaic (PV) system is arranged in this same shape to depict the flower. Similarly, the flame-like Thai style pattern known as “kranok” is represented by the shape of the structural columns on the exterior of the stadium.

The facility will provide a parking capacity of up to 800 private cars and 60 buses. It is slated for a variety of uses, beyond the areas current purpose as the BMA’s training grounds, it will be able to host exhibitions, concerts, and public events. It can even serve as an evacuation center because of its raised floor design for flood prevention.

Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Year Completed: 2012
Service: Master Plan, Architecture, and Lighting design
Area:40,000 sqm