Design & Consulting Services

BioArchitek has evolved as a designer, an innovator, a system integrator, and a consultant with respect to the development design methodologies and solutions. Our methodologies are designed to produce accurate, consistent, and impartial results. We offer multiple levels of services with varying degrees of detail and associated cost.

Architectural Design Services

Our movement in contemporary architecture aims to create environmentally friendly, energy-efficient buildings and developments. This entails passively and actively harnessing solar energy and using materials which, in their manufacture, application, and disposal, do the least possible damage to our natural resources.. Strategies and intelligent technologies are used and optimized among such variables in order to balance design goals. Our specialization falls in the areas of daylighting, lighting, and indoor environmental quality including acoustics.

Key Benefits: Better quality of life, user health and safety, resource consumption (natural resources and time, energy, and money) is minimal, and positive impacts on local communities.

Lighting Design Services

BioArchitek is dedicated to architectural, natural and entertainment lighting focusing on philosophy and design application to meet the requirements of each client. We believe that lighting offers the opportunity to energize people to improve their perception. From sketch design, design development, construction documentation, construction, and throughout commissioning, our full lighting design services can complete projects of every scale from modest residential additions to significant urban redevelopment schemes that transform the city. Our depth of knowledge and experience in lighting helps clients to explore possibilities to integrate daylighting from the very beginning stage of the design process and to develop highly innovative solutions.

Consulting Services

Compiling existing data is just the start of effective asset management. Experts need to interpret and analyze data carefully. BioArchitek strives to maintain true service relationships with its clients, and offers a variety of consulting services guiding clients from recommendation to implementation. After the existing data has been collected and synthesized into analytical reports, we can provide assistance with interpreting and presenting the information. We also specialize in assisting and analyzing trade-offs between competing funding requirements.

Key Consulting services: Architectural design, lighting and daylighting design, and energy analysis.

Key benefits: Improved health and safety resulting in better productivity and occupant satisfaction. Cost-effective operation and maintenance strategies that produce
cost reduction through improved efficiency.

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