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Our team engages in Lighting and Sustainable Architecture projects at various scopes, from research design, concept design to execution and construction supervision, thus involving in digital tools in all design processes ranging from data gathering, drawing, simulation, construction, rendering, and parametric performance as well as communication among the design team.

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We believe that design has a social, economic, environmental, and historical responsibility that we use as a spark for innovation.  Our systematic design approach questions a wide range of cultural, urban, social, material, and construction methods that stimulate the balance of sustainability, aesthetics, and creativity of a project. We aim at delivering a product that is inventive, while contextual.  We are committed to lighting and sustainable research and design that create better living and the environment.  Solutions will optimize the use of natural resources and human comfort to provide high-performance built environments.

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  • A Day, Magazine, 2014

  • Bangkok Arena: Creation from Inspiration, book, 2013

  • Light and Emotions, Book, 2013, International

  • Mondo Arc, magazine, May 2012, International

  • a+A Lighting Design(er), magazine, 2011, Thailand

  • BluePrint, magazine, volume 1, 2011, Philippine and International

  • Journal of Association of Siamese Architects (ASA), magazine, 2005

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  • Elle Decoration, magazine, September 2005, Thailand

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