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Lighting Design

For a successful project, there is a need to involve a lighting designer from the very beginning to commissioning.  Concept design service alone will not guarantee the success or effect of light since design development, software simulation, specification, details, and construction drawing, as well as site supervision, take an equally important part.  With the same principles applied, services cover a wide range of projects such as lighting masterplan, landscape lighting, exterior architectural lighting, interior lighting for workplaces, museums, hospitality, residential, sport, transportation, educational, and religious buildings.  More fun is lighting design and installation for events and exhibitions.

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Lighting Fixture Design

Due to the unavailability of lighting products for required lighting performance in different contexts, BioArchitek involves extensively in lighting product development with local lighting manufactures.  Research design and development of new lighting fixtures with innovative concepts, new lighting details, methods have been developed for the lighting industry dealing with effects of light and production methods.

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Lighting Application Design

Most times during working or educating people, there is limited access to affordable tools for lighting design and lighting measurement. BioArchitek has been developing them for various clients and also for all. The intention is to create tools in helping design, operation, and education.

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Daylighting Design

Understanding daylight in architecture is important basic disciplines.  Daylight is considered as part of an integral overall concept.  In order to ensure the atmosphere that creates memorable experience, we attach the importance of playing with brightness contrast, an issue of sustainability and a sense of well-being through daylighting design with space, detail and materials.  Processes involve understanding human behavior, on-site inspection, concept design, computer simulation, model testing and analysis, luminaire specification with lighting control schemes.

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Sustainable Architecture

We believe in design with respect to Environmental protection and enhancement, preserving biodiversity and ecosystems, beautifying the context, conserving natural resources, enhancing air and water quality; Combating Climate Change with Carbon reduction, Flood mitigation, and water sensitive design; Conserving resources, reducing stress on the infrastructure, and saving cost. With concern on the new urban agenda, we care for Promoting better health and wellbeing and circular economy, reducing waste, or innovation waste management contributing to a green environment.

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Smart and Sustainable City Consultant

BioARchitek's direction for Smart Cities is to create infrastructure and design that can become part of the fabric and life of such an ecosystem of communities and people. Although an effective and successful project involves engagement in a process of co-creative dialogue with people, it is important in the process of understanding how communities and individuals might interact with and experience a Smart City, environment, and its ecosystem in a sustainable way.

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Application Architectural Design

With regard to the understanding of human behavior, building design always involves building operations. Thus, projects require collaboration among project owners, facility managers, engineerings, and the design team to create an application that provide ease of space operation. BioArchitek has been developing operational algorithms in collaboration with software design partners, The potential in utilizing Artificial Intelligence in studying patterns of usage will be developed further along with such projects.

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Research and Development

In order to deliver what fits needs of human perception, behavior and spaces, it is crucial to investigate and to understand context, pain points and potential solutions.  It is basic process to start with that involves collaborative with stakeholders to develop innovative design concepts, detail, construction methods and tools.

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Workshop and Community Engagement

We believe that human potential is unlimited.  Good guidance in lighting and sustainable education will be valuable to create awareness to clients and public.  As a consequence, results create better living and health through luminous and sustainable environment.  Such intention has no boundary and it connects people.  BioArchitek always collaborate with educational institutes, professional bodies and friends to conduct workshop, training and exhibition at both local and international levels, for example: Thai Green Building Institute, ARCASIA Committee on Green and Sustainable Architecture, Lighting Detective Group and KMUTT.

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