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Tien Fah


Tien Fah: Welcome

Tien Fah Foundation was established by Chinese immigrants in 1902 to offer free medical treatment to poor people. Shrine to Guan Yim inside the building, revered as a goddess of mercy.  It is one of the must-visit destinations to worship and donating. Lighting mood and emotion is to create an impressive atmosphere that can be seen and appreciate from  Yaowarat street, the main street in Chinatown. Chinese architecture has all detail and history that is alive by lighting effect and color.

Interior and façade lighting for the Guanyin Shrine. The amber-gold color of light has been introduced to light up the Guanyin. Ambient light has been created to perceive Chinese ornament and architecture of the ceiling, roof, column.  LED Innovative pendant light has been integrated with existing lantern.

Tien Fah: Text

Project Span





Exterior façade and Guanyin shrine


Lighting design

Tien Fah: Awards
Tien Fah: Pro Gallery
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